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Ibiza, Spain
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Meet the community

As the core team of 24-7 Ibiza, we are a group of 12; an international We serve in various locations on the island of Ibiza. We aim to know Jesus and make Him known. This currently looks like; nighttime assistance in a party area, creating a safe space for women in the sex industry, prayer on the streets, prison visiting, a church family, church in a Roma gypsy area and serving the homeless community. We aim to pray, listen to God and people, and then respond as He leads.

God has put different passions on each of our hearts, but He pulls us and the work together.

Our Story

24-7 Ibiza began out of an invitation from local Christians to come and pray (almost 20 years ago!).

As people prayed, God opened their eyes to needs they could meet, and this has been the ‘formula’ ever since. Pray blessing, listen and watch, and respond to who and what the Holy Spirit opens up. 24-7 Ibiza began in the clubs and bars of San Antonio, but over the years, as the team has grown, the work has spread across the island to love and serve the most vulnerable communities on Ibiza.