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What is prayer?

What is prayer?

We have hand picked some a prayer ideas to help you get started

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Lectio 365

Lectio 365 is a free daily devotional app that helps you pray the Bible every day.

NEW: Lectio 365 is now available in Spanish!

With the Lectio 365 app you pray the Bible by meditating on the scriptures and asking God to speak through them. The app has short devotionals for morning and evening so you can open and close each day with God.

When you pause in His presence, you create space for peace in a busy and complicated world.


Topical content, timeless themes

Pray into relevant world issues and headlines, as well as timeless Biblical themes:


Current series

Wilderness Tales

This Lent we move from meditating on the Wildness of God to seasons of Wilderness in our lives as we prepare to celebrate Easter. Together we will reflect on the stories of Biblical characters and communities and how they lean on God and each other in seasons of wilderness. 

Begins 12th February


After celebrating the resurrection of Jesus – we turn our attention to preparing ourselves for Pentecost. From Easter Monday we will be meditating on the personal presence of God and the gift of the Holy Spirit. What is the Spirit like? What does the Spirit do? How can we engage with God’s personal presence and how could the world be changed because of it?

Begins 1st April

How do you want God to move in your community?

Help a new generation encounter God and discover a whole world of creative prayer in a 24-7 Prayer Room.

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What is Lectio 365?

The ancient practice of Lectio Divina – which means ‘divine reading’ – was first established by monks in the 6th century, and it’s been used by Christians ever since. Lectio Divina asks you to ‘listen’ to the passage for a particular word or phrase the Holy Spirit is highlighting to you in that moment.  

Today the Lectio 365 app takes inspiration from this practice, helping you to build a deeper relationship with God and His word by really savouring it and applying it your individual life. 

“Now it really is a habit. I have also found myself staying on at the end and extending my quiet time to listen to God and to pray for people in my life. It’s also given me a hunger for the Bible that I didn’t have before.”

-Lectio 365 User

As a person who has a hard time getting my mind to stop racing and rest in Christ, this app is a huge blessing.

-Lectio 365 User

“Quality content, quality recording, quality narration, quality app! The content is not just the average daily devotional stuff, it is insightful, uplifting, and full of the presence of God. I am so grateful. Thank you.”

-Lectio 365 User

“If you are someone who wants to draw close to God daily but struggles with quiet times, try this app to help you focus – it really helps me. The readers welcome you into God’s presence in a loving way, with spiritual and theological depth and soundness.”

-Lectio 365 User

Morning: learn to pray the Bible

Inspired by Lectio Divina, each morning the devotional follows the simple P.R.A.Y rhythm: 

P:ause to be still.
R:ejoice with a Psalm and R:eflect on Scripture.
A:sk for God’s help
Y:ield to His will in your life.

On Sundays you’ll take a break from the normal routine to pray a different kind of Sabbath prayer. 

The app celebrates heroes of faith on Feast Days, marks significant moments in the church calendar, and welcomes guest hosts throughout the year.


Evening: process the day and prepare for sleep

Evening prayer gives the opportunity to focus your thoughts on God as you prepare to sleep. With calming music, the devotion takes inspiration from the early Christian practice of Examen: 

Reflect on the day that has passed, relinquishing stress and control

Rejoice in God’s goodness, noticing his presence throughout the day

Repent of my sins, receiving forgiveness for what has gone wrong

Rest in readiness for sleep

Lectio 365 content is available in written and audio format, and devotionals can be downloaded a week in advance to be read or listened to later. Content remains available in the app for 30 days.


The Lectio Story

Lectio 365 is produced by 24-7 Prayer. 24-7 Prayer began accidentally in 1999, when one simple student-led prayer vigil went viral, and groups all over the world joined in to pray non-stop. Now, nearly 25 years later, thousands of communities have taken part in 24-7 Prayer (in-person and virtually) in their churches, communities and cities. 

We’ve helped individuals all over the world to encounter God in prayer rooms – now we want to help people develop a daily relationship with Jesus. This is our vision for Lectio 365: to help millions of people to learn to pray the Bible every day and go deeper in prayer each morning and night. 

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James H

Lectio User

“This is by far the most brilliant app I have ever downloaded. I can’t believe it’s free”