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Believers Church

Tulsa, Oklahoma
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Believers Church

Meet the community

Believers Church is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We gather weekly as a whole community on Sunday mornings to celebrate together and communicate where we’re going, but our small gatherings throughout the week are where the true transformation happens.

Our gatherings are marked by a yieldedness to the Spirit and pursuit of God’s presence: this is demonstrated through team leadership in worship and teaching, freedom of expression in worship, and openness to hear the prophetic through the community.

Our Story

We started as a cutting edge, uber-popular church with over 3,000 folks gathering consistently. At the peak of all the growth and excitement, one of our key leaders fell and the show was over. We were broken by brokenness. The moment we chose to stay together instead of dissolving was when our identity as a healing community was born. Ever since then, vulnerability, transparency, and healing have been a core aspect of our culture. This is a place where leaders from all walks of life come to receive restoration from ministry and life wounds. Today, about 700 folks call BC their home. We’re not only a healing church: we’re a sending church. We have the privilege of sending folks out on mission; today we have 35+ missionaries sent around the world.