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    5 ways to help young people pray

    Bex Elder

    5 Min Read

    25 August 2022

    When we pray, we see things happen. God brings comfort, breaks through in impossible situations, and whispers dreams which shape our lives. Can you imagine what our world would look like if there was a generation of young people passionate about prayer?

    So how can we practically encourage our young people to engage in prayer in a noisy world which favours instant answers and self-reliance?

    1. Explain why and how we pray

    As young people gain independence, they like to understand the reasons why so they can make their own decisions. By explaining why and how we pray, young people can understand and choose to engage with prayer, rather than feeling like they “should” pray, but not knowing where to start. I’d highly recommend using 24-7 Prayer’s Origins course to help young people explore prayer.

    2. Get creative

    Often when young people think of prayer, they think of sitting quietly and perhaps being a bit bored, but we know prayer is so much more than that! You could organise a prayer walk, write a letter to God, create artwork which reflects the cries of your heart, set-up a Prayer Room or explore ideas on how to pray creatively.

    3. Pray about what matters to them

    Each young person is unique and passionate about different things. Take time to chat to them and find out what makes them tick. Perhaps you know a young person who wants to see a real change in the climate emergency. Maybe you know a teenager who has experienced bullying and wants to see breakthrough for other young people. Let’s encourage young people to share these hopes and desires with God in prayer.

    4. Share stories

    Seeing answers to prayer can encourage us all to pray more! By tracking our prayers, we can see the moments where God moves and develop a hunger to see more. Recently, I was praying with a group of young people who saw physical healing first hand and now they can’t wait to pray with others!

    5. Keep it simple

    At its core, prayer is a conversation between us and God. We don’t need to use fancy words. We don’t need to use a special formula. We don’t even need to say words out loud. By reminding our young people of the simplicity of prayer, we can remove invisible barriers which may prevent them praying.

    The Origins Course

    A free prayer course to help 11- to 16-year-olds explore prayer, and learn how to pray.

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    Bex Elder
    Bex Elder

    Bex Elder is the Assistant Youth Pastor at Catalyst Vineyard Church and works as a freelance writer and translator. She’s passionate about young people encountering Jesus, walking in His freedom and ultimately changing the world. Bex is based in the North East of Scotland and loves reading, running and drinking copious amounts of tea.