Be Still
Be Still: Episode 3

Session 3: Wonder

In this session, we’ll explore how practising wonder and using our imagination in our quiet time can help us to discover more of God’s presence.

Be Still book chapters for this session:

Ch. 6 (Imagination), Ch. 7 (Wonder) 

A note for leaders

Welcome to session 3 of the Be Still series.

Each session of the series is designed to take one hour but can easily be adapted for your group’s needs. We recommend allowing time at the beginning to chat and get to know one another, especially if your group is new. 

Each session will include a general question to allow groups to talk about what impacted them most – feel free to allow this to shape the rest of your discussion and don’t worry if you don’t get through all the questions! However, if your group prefers to have multiple questions to work through, these are provided too. 

We also recommend allowing time at the end for reflection and to pray for one another, especially as each session requires a little vulnerability.

 1. Welcome and introduction

5 mins

IIn this session of the Be Still series, we’ll think about how the practice of wonder can inspire and bring fresh life to our quiet times.

Key verse

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. – Genesis 1:31 

Begin the session by opening in prayer.

2. Watch the video

15 mins 

Bible passages

Genesis 1:31, Genesis 28:10-17, Psalm 24:1

Summary points

• There is creation beauty everywhere but sometimes we just don’t see it

• Developing wonder in our daily lives can help us increase our awareness of God

• “It’s like having that new pair of eyes to see things for the first time, to give us that wonder.” – Kwok

3. Discussion questions

25 mins 

Q. What did you find most helpful or most challenging in the video? 

Q. How comfortable and/or excited do you feel about using your imagination and practising wonder in your relationship with God? 

Q. What specific things distract you from slowing down to appreciate what’s around you? Is slowing down necessary to practise wonder? 

Q. We all have a different interpretation of beauty: where do you most easily see the glory of God? 

Q. Do you think that our self-esteem can get in the way of our encounters with God? Do our own interests and to-do lists distract us from practising wonder? 

Q. “We get so busy doing the work of the kingdom that we forget to sit at the
feet of the king.” – Brian.

Is this true of you or your community? How could you prioritise seeking time to be in God’s presence this week?

4. Prayer and practical challenge

15 mins


Finish your time together by closing in prayer or splitting into small groups to pray for one another’s specific needs.

Practical challenge

This week, at the beginning or end of your day, write down anything you saw that pointed you to the wonder of God.

Additional resources

Be Still: A Simple Guide to Quiet times, Brian Heasley

How to do the Lectio Divina (PDF)

How to pray creatively (PDF)

How to practise Christian meditation (PDF)

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