Introducing: New Prayer Spaces in Schools site

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1 June 2021

Prayer Spaces in Schools was launched as a 24-7 Prayer project back in 2010, with a simple aim to create interactive prayer activities for young people to engage with.

Today, Prayer Spaces in Schools has spread all over the world, aiming to enable children and young people, of all faiths and none, to explore life’s questions, spirituality and faith in a safe, creative and interactive way.

The brand new Prayer Spaces in Schools website is now LIVE! 

It contains updated content and new features, including:

Our hope is that the new website will make it even easier for local Christians to serve their school communities by hosting the very best prayer and reflection spaces.

There’s never been a better time to learn more about the incredible work and resources of Prayer Spaces in Schools! Head to their shiny new website and get stuck in!


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