The 24-7 Nordic Gathering 2019

Mike Boije

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16 June 2019

The headlines tell us that the Nordic countries are some of the most secular in the world, but 24-7 Prayer’s team in Sweden are beginning to see the fruits of years of prayer and work.

Recently, they hosted the 24-7 Prayer Nordic Gathering and Mike Boije, of 24-7 Prayer Sweden, tells the story:

At the end of April, around 50 people gathered for prayer, worship and community in Gothenburg, Sweden. We were joined by people from Finland, Iceland, the UK, Switzerland, and others originating from Germany, Canada, Norway, the USA, South Africa, Ghana and, of course, Sweden.

This is a new season for us: reviving the 24-7 Prayer Nordic Gatherings that, for so long, have been a thing of the past.

In true 24-7 Prayer style, we had an auction where we sold second-hand books. We ended up raising close to 1000€. We then placed the money raised in a small basket and, during a time of worship, encouraged anyone in a place of need to come and take what they needed.

Part of being a family is wanting to give as well as receive, and so anyone could take money from the basket and give to someone else.

If you had to describe the Gathering in one word it would be “family”. We didn’t all know each other at the start, but we shared the same heart cry and, more importantly, we share the same Father.

We took time to listen to each other’s stories and then prayed for whatever was placed on our hearts. Loads of pictures, words and encouragements were shared over the course of the weekend.

It was such an utterly blessed and fun time, and we’d love you to join us next time! Or if you can’t wait for that, come and join the Sweden 365 starting in Gothenburg, on 1st September 2019!

During the weekend we heard beautiful stories of God at work in our region. We all left the Gathering with a sense of hope. Please join us in praying for the Nordic region.

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Mike Boije
Mike Boije

Mike Boije leads 24-7 Prayer Sweden with his wife Emma. Both are involved in a House of prayer in Gothenburg where they live and pray.