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What is prayer?

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Prayer is simply talking with God.

We can pray anytime, anywhere about anything that’s on our mind. We don’t have to be in a church, use special words or put our hands together if we don’t want to. God is listening. He wants to hear from us.

So why not start a conversation with the creator of the universe today?

Jesus said:

‘Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.’

 The Gospel of Matthew, chapter 7 verse 7

The Bible encourages us to always pray, about all kinds of topics.** We can ask God to help the people we care for and we can talk to Him about the things we need or we’re worried about. We can also share what we’re grateful for and we can say sorry when we we’ve made a mistake.

We can pray by talking, thinking, or writing; we can even try drawing, crafting, or painting what we want to express. We can use your own words, or borrow someone else’s, making them our own.

We don’t need to make grand speeches to God or pretend that everything’s ok. All we need to do is:

Keep it simple.

Keep it real.

Keep it up.

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