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Pray all the time

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Is it really possible to pray, non-stop, 24-7?

Try some of these creative and practical ideas for embracing the challenge of praying without ceasing!

Frank Laubach’s Game with Minutes

Missionary Frank Laubach developed a fun challenge called  the “Game with Minutes”: to be conscious of God for one second of every minute of the day.

Get started:

Set aside some time to start trying to be conscious of God in your day. You might like to set reminders on your phone or use our Inner Room app to remind you.

Brother Lawrence’s Practising the presence of God

A short book, focusing on the practical habit of inviting God into every element of your every day.

Get started:

Get the book, and think of specific moments in your day that you can welcome God’s presence.

24-7 Prayer Rooms

Communities all over the world are currently praying non stop in 24-7 Prayer rooms: a simple model where individuals take it in turns to create a chain of non-stop prayer.

Find out more and take up the challenge

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