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What is prayer?

What is prayer?

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Help us Help Others Pray

Help us Help Others Pray

Today, we’re looking at a world that needs God to move more than ever.

We feel an invitation from God to activate day-and-night prayer all over the world. Prayer that revives the church. Prayer that rewires the culture. And after 25 years of chasing this vision, we are more convinced than ever that moves of God are birthed in prayer.

But we can’t do it without you. We’re running our annual appeal to ask you to give into this movement:

Great news! For the final week of this campaign, your gift will be doubled!

A special message from our International Prayer Director, Brian Heasley:

The impact you can make…

When you give to 24-7 Prayer, you’re helping hundreds of thousands of people to learn and grow in prayer. Here are a few of the ways that this happens:

24-7 Prayer Rooms

In 2022, we facilitated 1,416 registered prayer rooms across 55 nations.

It all started with a prayer room, and it hasn’t stopped since…That’s thousands of hours of people pursuing God’s presence and interceding for him to move in their communities. We’ve seen people healed, lives transformed, and miracles happen in prayer rooms.

We have teams in 17 nations and supporters in many more, with a vision to expand.

Will you help us?

“When I spent time in the prayer room on the first Friday, I was pretty concerned about how I would pay my bills given that my work had dried up. […] It seems He heard me. A week after this time in the prayer room, God provided the clients and work I needed, in His own extravagant way, so that now I can pay everything I need to and more! Praise God.”

A testimony from a prayer room

Prayer Spaces in Schools

In the last six months alone, we’ve given 47,000 students in the UK the chance to meet with God in their schools.

Prayer spaces enable children and young people, of all faiths and none, to explore life’s questions, spirituality, and faith in a safe, creative and interactive way. And the movement is growing: we helped teams run prayer spaces in 14 different nations last year, and churches in many more nations are asking to be trained.

This work is uniquely exciting because it helps children who may have never been in a church and never heard of Jesus to encounter him, often for the first time.

“The prayer space makes me feel that I have a connection with God. And that I can pray!”

“I felt like I was with God. First, I felt like I was alone. Then in there, I felt like I was with God!”

Primary school students after spending time in a prayer space

Lectio 365 and
Lectio for Families

Lectio 365 is a free daily devotional app that helps you pray the Bible every day, and Lectio for Families helps families with young children do the same. Hundreds of thousands of people use these apps to spend time with God.

I was on the cusp of a closer more meaningful relationship with God and I really wanted that so badly, one commenter, who described himself as a ‘fifteen-year-old guy,’ wrote on his app store review of Lectio 365.

And at times I felt discouraged because it just seemed as if I couldn’t quite bridge the gap. But then tonight, I listened to the night-time prayer on this app with my parents,he goes on to describe the way God met him that moment: I just felt this overwhelming peace from God and I knew he was there with me and I could feel his love so clearly…. I really think it helped me finally bridge the gap and it is awesome.

Stories like this are why we create and host these apps. Lectio 365 and Lectio for Families are free, and they always will be.

That means that we rely on your generosity to continue to get this resource in the hands of the people who need it.

These examples are only part of the story of what God is doing through 24-7 Prayer. Thousands of churches have used our courses to help their congregations go deeper in prayer. Others are using the Inner Room app to grow in intercession. Our teams in Ibiza and Peru are ministering to the lost and the homeless in their local areas, and our teams in Switzerland and the Czech Republic are taking prayer to the people in mobile prayer buses.

The stories go on and on. Will you be part of them?
We can’t do it without you

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