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    Exsurgo Art: Integrating Art and Prayer across Canada

    Jenny Hawkinson

    3 Min Read

    10 November 2020

    We love this update from 24-7 Prayer Canada, who have been finding creative ways to pray, even in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic… 

    It’s easy to get nostalgic for the time before face masks, closed borders and banned group activities.

    Six months ago, the 24-7 Prayer Canada team were preparing for our first National Gathering, Exsurgo. Things were falling into place;  the venue was booked, and exciting connections were established.

    Then Covid-19 swept through our vast land with no consideration to anyone’s previous arrangements.

    The following months instead were filled with endless screen conversations, zoom church, take-out meals, home office makeovers, “staycations” and an overload of “news” regarding the crumbling state of our world.

    And it was in these harrowing times that Exsurgo Art was born.

    “Exsurgo is a Latin word meaning ‘to rise, to stand, or to recover’. We believe this is a unique time for the Church in Canada to stand up…”

    Exsurgo Art is many things. It’s a platform for artists to prayerfully and prophetically speak to the Church in Canada. It’s a seamless integration of visual art and prayer. It provides an opportunity for individuals to support artists during this challenging time, and in turn for their prayerful artwork to be displayed in homes.

    Exsurgo is a Latin word meaning ‘to rise, to stand, or to recover’. We believe this is a unique time for the Church in Canada to stand up! We believe it is time for divisions to be healed; for sins to be confessed, lamented and repented; for genuine love and friendship to be shown and for radical mission and justice to spring from deep wells of prayer.

    This Fall (and leading into 2021), Exsurgo Art invites visual artists to prayerfully consider the question – what is God creating and restoring in the midst of the chaos, injustice and suffering? What is the “good news in a bad news world”?

    Throughout November, digital prints from the original artworks of 5 artists will be available for purchase.

    30% of the profit from print sales will go to the artist, and the remaining funds will be directed to 24-7 Prayer Canada’s work resourcing churches across Canada to rewire culture through cultivating cultures of prayer, mission and justice in their communities.

    Check out the Exsurgo Art collection HERE

    Interested in the work of 24-7 Prayer Canada?  Head to their website

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    Jenny Hawkinson
    Jenny Hawkinson

    Jenny Hawkinson is an artist, advocate and street chaplain in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. She works with 24-7 Prayer Canada and is passionate about weaving art together with prayer, mission and justice.