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Coram Deo

Coram Deo

Meet the community

The longing of our church family is in the name. When you translate Coram Deo from Latin it means “before the face of God” or “seen by the Father. “The word Communities emphasizes that we follow Jesus with others, so we are “found infamily.” We value overcoming the traditional divides of secular and sacred life. We believe that healthy church family happens when small groups of people commit to follow Jesus in all of life—church is the by product of living in Gospel identity. Our community rhythms include home church gatherings, discipleship groups, learning communities, prayer rhythms, parties, and monthly gatherings.

Our Story

The community was started by Matt and Tonia Hulst after they began reaching out to local college students and neighbours. After running a few short-term discipleship programs the Lord put it on their heart to plant a permanent church body. With a group of about ten friends we started meeting weekly to pray with one another explore the Scriptures concept of “church.” After over two years of meeting we have established three long-term communities with hopes of more to come! We are stumbling and tripping along as we explore how to live on mission with family, across generations, and multi-ethnically.