Belfast’19: A Gathering of the Tribe

Brian Heasley

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18 September 2019

In just over ONE month, we’re so excited to be gathering as a movement in Belfast, Northern Ireland, for our annual conference.

Brian Heasley, our International Prayer Director, shares his heart for what’s to come:  

People from our 24-7 Prayer family all over the globe set their hearts on pilgrimage and come to meet together for a time of connection. 

Years ago, ancient dispersed tribes would come together for feasts and celebrations. I guess they recalibrated, reminded themselves of who they were, celebrated success and comforted those who were struggling.

It was time to eat and drink together, tell stories, meet new family members and reacquaint themselves with each other. 

This is what our 24-7 Prayer global gatherings feel like for me: a gathering of the tribe. 

But not an exclusive tribe. Our doors are open to everyone to come and join in; from all walks of life and church backgrounds. Whether you’ve been praying for years, or have just started on the journey, you are so welcome at our table. 

But why does it mean so much? Why is it so special?

We are all looking for that sense of connection and inspiration, the opportunity to tell our stories and learn from those who have travelled a little further down the path of pilgrimage. 

We long for an atmosphere where we can encounter the presence of the living God in worship and celebration that allows for his wildness to be expressed; his wind to blow and his fire to burn more brightly in our hearts.

That’s the heart of this tribe!

Over the years we have seen new directions being given, fresh connections and friendships being made; lives altered, calling realigned, ministries reaffirmed, the new and the old flowing together as we have gathered to let God lead us.

As we gather there is always an atmosphere of joy, hilarity, freedom and generosity – it’s really not worth missing. 

We look forward to seeing you as we gather this year. Grab your tickets: 

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Brian Heasley
Brian Heasley

Brian Heasley is the International Prayer Director for 24-7 Prayer, and is part of 24-7’s international management team. Brian also works at at Lambeth Palace as International Ecumenical Lead for Thy Kingdom Come. Before this, Brian and his wife Tracy pioneered the work of 24-7 Prayer in Ibiza, Spain, where they developed rhythms of prayer and mission. Brian’s book, Gatecrashing, tells the story of 24-7 Prayer in Ibiza. He is a gifted and passionate communicator with a real heart for prayer, mission and justice. Brian is originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and now lives in England. Brian and Tracy have two adult sons