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Focus on Jesus: Walk with Him

Edwin Hamelink

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21 January 2019

I’m part of an intercultural community which means we often sing songs in other languages. This means that, sometimes you don’t actually know what you’re singing.

Wahambi Nathi is one that we sing regularly, and I found out that this song is all about walking with Jesus, and thanking Him for His presence.

Walking with Jesus. Often it’s a struggle for me. Like so many of us, my life became quite busy last year: friends, kids, church, the gym, the growth of my team at work.

My rhythms and routines were shaken.

God doesn’t want to you to do things for Him. He wants to do things with you.

Recently, preached these words at a conference – I heard myself saying them to others, but actually I was preaching to myself. Gently, Jesus spoke to me about being alone with Him. Jesus wanted me back.

Walking with Jesus. Recognising what He is doing. The psalmist David describes this beautifully:

“Take me by the hand; Lead me down the path of truth”

Psalm 25

This year I want to respond again to Jesus’ invitation to walk with Him. And I know Jesus is inviting us all. In the book of Ephesians, it encourages us to allow Jesus to show us the way; we’ll experience goodness, justice and truth; We’ll wake up. Christ will show us the light!

So how do we respond to this ongoing invitation of Jesus?

I’ve committed to do some spiritual fitness. In January I’m starting with ‘the Examen: an spiritual discipline which helps me to walk with Jesus. Everyday.

Siyabonga Jesu (we thank you Jesus)
Thanks for your ongoing invitation.
Jesus. We don’t want to take you for granted. We want to be alert to your ways.
Take us by the hand. Lead us on your ways. Be our Light so we may wake up and share it with others.
Siyabonga Jesu. Amen.

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Edwin Hamelink

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