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Going to Festivals and Beating the Come-down  Andy Freeman  20th Aug

For loads of you reading this article, summer this year means the chance to go and camp in a field for a few days with hundreds or even thousands of others and attend a festival.

Maybe it’s a music festival, maybe it’s an arts festival, maybe it’s a Christian festival like Soul Survivor or Greenbelt.  

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Google walks away from porn profits  Adam Heather  18th Aug

"With great power comes great responsibility"

Ben Parker (Spiderman's uncle)

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'60 minutes in a phoneless, noiseless, lonely room': A 16 year old recounts their first Prayer Room experience  Isaac Heather  16th Aug

I’m 16 and I just spent my first hour in a prayer room.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. In my mind’s eye I pictured a strange room with walls plastered with writing. I imagined a relatively boring, long and meaningless hour. 

I was greeted by a strange room with walls plastered with writing. My idea of the 60 minutes stretching to feel like as many days, however, proved to be far from the truth.

At the beginning it was strange. Immediately I noticed an absence of things: the absence of the familiar weight of my phone pulling down my pocket, the absence of noise, the absence of people.

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The Value of Taking a Break  Adam Heather  7th Aug

Our friends at 24-7 Prayer Canada put out some great articles on their website - so if you haven't checked them out before, make sure you do soon. This one was put out yesterday - written by Jim Tice

Cease striving, and know that I am God

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#prayeralert: Floodwaters threaten 400,000 lives in eastern India  Laura Gish  6th Aug

More than 400,000 people in eastern India face the risk of a flood.

Heavy rains in the region triggered a landslide that created a mud dam blocking the Sunkoshi River. Neighboring country Nepal was trying to blast its way through the landside — which could have unleashed a surge of water across Bihar. Due to thousands of lives being threatened in this densely populated region of India, they have decided against the blasts. But the threat of more landslides and floods continues as the monsoons persist.

So far, 44,000 people have been evacuated. Many residents are unwilling to leave as authorities attempt to evacuate the danger zones. They have had to force some out of their homes to ensure their safety. Water levels in these areas have already risen above the danger mark. 

Pray for Bihar and other affected regions:

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24-7 Prayer have finally made it to Instagram  Nick Beasley  5th Aug

So we're pretty late to the party - but 24-7 Prayer finally have an Instagram account.

Follow us for pictures from events, conferences, prayer rooms and links to some of our best articles and blogs

You can find us at 247prayer. We promise no pictures of food or pets*


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