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Failing at Faith at Uni - The #GoingToUni Series  Nick Beasley  18th Sep

I went to uni a Christian and I left a Christian and I stayed a Christian in between.

I didn’t hugely change as a person while I was there -  I didn’t overtly start living a worse or better life particularly; but I didn’t get a lot of life right. 

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Prayer Spaces in Schools: Development Day  Rachel Roxburgh  17th Sep

The prayer space was one of the most effective sessions I have seen during my career. Too often schools give into Ofsted pressures and neglect the spiritual needs of their students. The prayer space is a unique way of redressing the balance 
Head teacher, Cumbria - 2014

More than 1000 temporary prayer spaces have been hosted in schools since the accidental launch of Prayer Spaces in Schools in 2008. It's estimated 300,000 pupils, mostly non Christians, have been reached in 16 different countries across 4 continents.

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A present to you from us...  Nick Beasley  16th Sep

So in case you missed it, Friday September the 5th was 24-7 Prayer's 15th Birthday.

And what a 15 years it's been...

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Getting informed and getting inspired - Presencia '14  Nick Beasley  11th Sep

This is an opportunity to grow practically and become better practiced and better informed as you face the challenges of living a life for God in the 21st century, learning from some of the most remarkable and inspirational voices in the modern church.

15 years in and 24-7 Prayer have been incredibly blessed by the wealth of wisdom and commitment from so many of those who have been caught up in the movement - and at this year's EuroGathering, we've got the chance to meet with and learn from many of them.

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Will you give to equip a generation? 15th Anniversary Appeal  Carla Harding  10th Sep

  • The Church was born from non-stop, Spirit-fuelled prayer that spilled onto the streets of Jerusalem and saw 3,000 saved (Acts 2)
  • Centuries later the Moravian 100-year prayer meeting ignited a passion for Jesus so great it mobilised hundreds of young people in mission. Some were even willing to sell themselves into slavery to share their faith
  • Today, this same potent combination of prayer and mission has ignited the global Church. We have filled the past 15 years with non-stop prayer, giving birth to expressions of the Kingdom bringing people to Christ and caring for the poor and vulnerable

Love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence
Matthew 22:37 MSG

24-7 Prayer enables the Church, particularly young people, to fall in love with Jesus, and share that love with others. As we celebrate 15 years of non-stop prayer, this move of the Spirit is still escalating.

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Stand in the Gap: Claim the ground you want to see God's presence - EuroGathering 2014  Adam Heather  9th Sep

With only 5 weeks to go until our 2014 EuroGathering in Madrid, excitement is building…

The theme this year is Presencia and the entire conference is based around encountering God’s presence and being equipped to carry it into every area of society.

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