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Would you give to help others encounter Jesus?  Carla Harding  22nd Apr

One encounter with Jesus can change your life.

We want to give as many people as possible that chance.
Can you help us?


We are helping thousands of people to find out who God is, and why their life matters, by talking to him.  What happens next is unknowable, but we’ve seen new communities planted, the poor and vulnerable loved, and pioneer mission ignited.

You can help us fuel these Jesus encounters. 
Would you consider giving £/€/$10 (or whatever you can afford)? 
You can give once, or monthly right here.

We’ll keep sharing and resourcing creative ways to try praying like:
•    Podcasts
•    24-7 Prayer Rooms
•    Prayer Spaces in Schools
•    Books and teaching
•    Phone apps and much more

If you have any ideas for how we could help people (particularly teenagers and twenty-somethings) to pray we would love to hear them.  Say hi in the comments below or email us.

The Anagnorisis Series: Episode 35 - Easter Sunday  Pete Greig  20th Apr

Mary Magdalene: Speaking Names // A New Eden

John 20: 11-18

Pete takes us through our final podcast of the series. It's Easter Day, the most important day in history, and Pete's looking at what Jesus' resurrection means for Mary Magdalene and what it means for us

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The Anagnorisis Series: Episode 34 - Holy Saturday  Pete Greig  19th Apr

Doubting Thomas: Endorsed Questions // Living in Saturday

John 20: 24

Pete takes a look at the story of Doubting Thomas - and how his encounters with Christ and the questions that he struggled with shaped his faith and ministry 

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The Anagnorisis Series: Episode 33 - Good Friday  Pete Greig  18th Apr

The Thief on the Cross: The Moment of Salvation // The Back Wall

Luke 23: 42

Pete Greig begins the journey of the Easter weekend, exploring the encounter between Jesus and the thief on the cross

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The Anagnorisis Series: Episode 32  Jani Rubery  17th Apr

Mary: The Mother // The Servant

John 19: 27

In her final podcast, Jani looks at the relationship of Jesus and his mother, Mary

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The Anagnorisis Series: Episode 31  Jani Rubery  16th Apr

Barabbas: The Substitute // Son of the Father

Luke 23: 18

Jani looks at the character of Barabbas and explores the part he played in the resurrection story


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