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New Teaching from Guildford Boiler Room: Tackling 5 Uncomfortable Issues  Adam Heather  22nd Jul

Pete Greig, founding champion of 24-7 Prayer, leads Emmaus Road Community Church - a Boiler Room community in Guildford, UK. 

After being challenged by a magazine article entitled “5 Uncomfortable Issues The Church Needs To Talk About” Emmaus Road have been working through a series they are calling #OUCH. 

During the series, specialists have been tackling difficult issues; like addiction, mental illness, and objectification as well as a profound talk from Pete about the issue of unanswered prayer.

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Praying for Muslims: Ramadan - Week 3  Andy Freeman  17th Jul

Each week during the season of Ramadan we’re posting an article to help you reflect on this global religious event.  

Did you know that Muslim believers are in a majority in around 49 countries globally right now. The population of believers is always hard to gauge but 1.6 billion wouldn’t be far off. This religion is a big part of the world, and I suspect, you have noticed it’s a big part of the news. Not many headlines or bulletins go by now without a mention of Islam.

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#prayeralert: Thousands Flee as Dangerous Storms Threaten the Philippines  Laura Gish  16th Jul

Urgent prayers are needed for the Philippines.

Tropical storm Glenda is threatening lives and property as violent winds and turbulent rains race toward the islands. On Sunday night, warnings sent thousands packing for evacuation

Predictions that the storm would intensify as it crossed over warm waters heading toward the Philippines proved out. The typhoon hit the region of Bicol Monday night pounding the area with winds of 150 kilometers per hour and gusts up to 185
Although approximately 145,000 people have already evacuated the islands to avoid the storm, many are still in danger. Glenda is expected to reach the metropolitan area of Manila by Wednesday and will remain until at least Thursday.

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A Taste of a 24-7 Gathering  Nick Beasley  15th Jul

Following last year's incredible International Gathering in Dublin, this October, 24-7 Prayer are going to Madrid - and we'd love for you to join us!

From the 16th to the 19th, we'll be meeting together for this year's EuroGathering 'Presencia', to pray, worship, eatlearn and grow together at our annual conference in the beautiful town of El Escorial, Spain. 

To see a snap shot of what's going to be going on, check out the video below

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Miracles in Syrian Refugee Camps  Rebecca Rubanik  11th Jul

Lebanon. A country so small, yet so large in many ways.

The 24-7 Lebanon mission team have been here for 5 days now, and it’s safe to say that we have all fallen in love with this place. It’s hard to imagine that a country deeply hurt and damaged by conflict could make 7 Brits and Americans feel so welcome and at home.

Our time has been shared between visiting the refugee camps in the Bekaa Valley and embarking on prayer tours around Beirut and surrounding areas. Wherever we have gone, people have been so welcoming. Whether we encounter a Lebanese Christian or a Syrian Muslim in the camps, we’ve been welcomed with open arms. One thing that has been noticeable, is how spiritually open and hungry people are here. Every time we’ve offered to pray, the invite has been accepted. Then the Holy Spirit seems to do something wonderful by catalysing a chain reaction….more and more people pour in asking for prayer. Neighbours will run to the next tent in the camp searching for that person who’s sick. Lebanon is looking for an encounter.

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What's the Point in Fasting? Ramadan - Week 2  Andy Freeman  9th Jul

Each week during the season of Ramadan we’re posting an article to help you reflect on this global religious event. Probably as many as 1.6 billion people are observing a daily daylight fast until 27th July. But what do you think about fasting? Have you ever done it?

In Matthew 6, Jesus talks about fasting using the words “when you fast”...implying it’s going to be normal practice for followers of Christ. Maybe like me you find this more of a challenge, maybe “if you fast” feels more appropriate.  

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