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Adoption Sunday   Jess Ford  28th Oct

Every day, 50 children enter the care system in the UK. As a result, 6,000 children are waiting to be adopted and 8,600 new foster families are urgently needed. We believe that the Church can make a difference – both in findings homes for these vulnerable children, and to provide a community of support to families that foster or adopt.

24-7 Prayer is delighted to stand with Home for Good and support Adoption Sunday on 2 November – which is the beginning of National Adoption Week in the UK and globally, is Orphan Sunday. It’s an opportunity for churches to celebrate our adoption into God’s family, raise awareness of the situation facing children in care and to stand with those in our congregations who foster and adopt.

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#prayeralert: Hope for Nigeria – Boko Haram Announces Ceasefire  Laura Gish  24th Oct

A breakthrough for Nigeria lies on the brink.

For decades Nigeria has suffered from the violent acts and fighting. This may be the best news they have heard in decades.

The Nigerian presidential aid stated that Boko Haram announced a unilateral ceasefire on Thursday. The government has responded and the military has also declared a ceasefire. Along with this, Boko Haram agreed to release the 200 schoolgirls they had kidnapped about six months ago. 

Agreements for the release of the girls will be determined in a meeting next week in Chad’s capital. The government is not agreeing to grant territory to Boko Haram, but they will not reveal what concessions they are making. They did say, however, they are getting closer to the release of all groups being held in captivity. 

Nigerian citizens are skeptical of this agreement. Many will only be reassured when the violence stops and the hostages are freed. 

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Pete Greig: How did Jesus live out prayer, mission and justice? [VIDEO]  Carla Harding  23rd Oct

Can prayer make a difference in the world?

Shouldn’t we just get out there and bring the difference we want to see? 

Prayer, mission and justice - these three words have been used to encapsulate the both/and vision of 24-7 Prayer, but what do they mean and how could we live them out?  In a recent interview with Pathlight co-founders Mark Parcher and Roy Goble, 24-7 Prayer’s Pete Greig explains why he thinks prayer, mission and justice can change the world, and how Jesus showed us how to live them.

(And all in less than two minutes!)

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#prayeralert: Ebola — and fear — continue to spread  Laura Gish  22nd Oct

“The world’s deadliest...”

Those words are on the lips of people worldwide. Fear of the recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa is spreading as fast — or faster — than the dreaded disease that has already claimed thousands of lives

As fear of the virus increases, daily life is affected, as people have to rethink how they live and interact with others. Government officials are strongly discouraging public gatherings and large celebrations.    

Ei al-Adha is a Muslim festival celebrated at this time each year. Government officials have warned individuals not to gather for the event. In Guinea, where the outbreak is severe, 11 million people are Muslim. Public prayer places are deserted. Muslim leaders have encouraged their congregations to avoid bodily contact. At this time of year, some 2 million Muslims take a pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Although there are currently no recorded cases among those making the pilgrimage, many fear it’s only a matter of time — the virus will find its way to Mecca.  

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Free Phone Wallpaper for October  Nick Beasley  5th Oct

Pinch, punch, first of the month...

In case you missed it, this year we're celebrating 24-7 Prayer's 15th birthday and 15th year of non stop prayer.

And as part of the festivities, we're releasing a new smart phone wallpaper every month, for free, just cos we're nice. For this month, we've gone with Presence as the theme, to tie in with this years gathering in Madrid, later in the month.

If you want to read more about our 15 years and all we've seen God do, you can check out the pretty impressive infographic we put together here.

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#prayeralert: New Technology Brings Tsamounde (Hope) to Cameroon  Laura Gish  3rd Oct

“Every woman who gives birth has one foot in her grave.”

Cameroonians hope to make this African proverb a concern of the past.

The U.N. Children’s Fund recorded that for every 100,000 live births, 670 women in Cameroon die. In 2012, 61 infants out of 1,000 did not survive birth. Yet, there may be hope to change this tragic reality.

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