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Free Phone Wallpaper for October  Nick Beasley  1st Oct

Pinch, punch, first of the month...

In case you missed it, this year we're celebrating 24-7 Prayer's 15th birthday and 15th year of non stop prayer.

And as part of the festivities, we're releasing a new smart phone wallpaper every month, for free, just cos we're nice. For this month, we've gone with Presence as the theme, to tie in with this years gathering in Madrid, later in the month.

If you want to read more about our 15 years and all we've seen God do, you can check out the pretty impressive infographic we put together here.

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#prayeralert: Hong Kong protests  Wendy Andrews  30th Sep

Unprecedented protests and an equally unusual police response are in full swing in Hong Kong this week.

Tens of thousands of Hong Kong students and citizens are acting together in civil disobedience, protesting an August decision from the Beijing government that limits Hong Kong residents’ power in electing their chief executive in the coming 2017 elections.

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The biggest secret I learnt at University - The #GoingToUni Series  Hannah Mcveigh  25th Sep

You know those little lists that pop up all over your newsfeed and email inbox?

'17 things you never knew that will blow your mind… you won’t believe number 15!' …and etc.  Why is so much of our communication these days in weird little lists?!  They never blow my mind!  So in general, I try my best to ignore them...

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Presencia '14 - Claim the Ground  Nick Beasley  23rd Sep

In 3 weeks time we’ll be off to Madrid for our yearly gathering 

Recently we decided to get creative with our prayers - and we challenged you too as well...

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#prayeralert: Malta Boat Sinks Leaving 500 Dead  Laura Gish  23rd Sep

Two thousand five hundred. That’s how many people are believed to have drowned in the Mediterranean this year alone — 500 of those were lost last week when their boat was rammed by another boat near Malta.  

The boat had left Egypt in early September, carrying about 500 migrants. Two Palestinian survivors reported to authorities that the boat was intentionally sunk by traffickers. On board were Syrians, Palestinians, Egyptians, and Sudanese. The traffickers told the women and children to get on a much smaller, less safe boat. They refused. The traffickers proceeded to sink the boat, including the women and children. So far there are only 9 survivors, all found 300 miles off the Malta coast.  

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The Auction - Presencia '14  Adam Heather  22nd Sep

If you have ever been to a 24-7 Gathering you would have experienced 'the auction'.

These auctions aren’t about picking up a bargain; they're about extravagant giving: about paying far above and beyond what something is worth, to support causes for whom the need is so great.

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