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Come to New Wine with 24-7 Prayer for FREE  Adam Heather  21st May

Would you like to come to New Wine with 24-7 for free?

We'll be running our famous cafe on site again this year and you have the opportunity to join the team from either the 25th - 31st July or 2nd - 8th of August.

In return for your time spent volunteering a few shifts a day at the 24-7 Prayer Cafe, you'll get a full admissions pass to the entire New Wine conference, with access to all the teaching and entertainment available. We'll also be covering travel up there and food for your entire week. All you need is your tent! You're welcome to camp with us or with anyone else you know who's going along.

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#prayeralert: Another Earthquake Strikes Nepal  Laura Gish  14th May

On Tuesday, May 11, a devastating 7.3-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, a nation still struggling to recover amid the aftermath of the 7.8-magnitude quake that left more than 8,000 dead in late April. 

Rescue and relief teams have been dispatched while concern grows for remote areas located near the epicenter of the earthquake. At least 76 people were killed in Nepal from Tuesday’s quake. Another 1,986 are reportedly injured. Dozens were rescued alive from the rubble, and another 17 were confirmed dead in India. 

The quake set off landslides, brought buildings to rubble and left significant portions of land cracked open

Nepal needs our prayers

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God at Work in Sweden  Nick Beasley  1st May

Just last week we heard the story of Fernando and the amazing work God is currently doing in Spain, following on from that, here’s an update from our friends in Sweden of the work God is doing through 24-7 Prayer over there, written by our friend Mike Boije…

This May we’ll be having our first 24-7 Prayer Gathering here in Spain! We'll have an opportunity for those people that were first connected to 24-7 Sweden to meet up with those organising prayer weeks now, and to push forward in our dream of a house of prayer that is open 24-7. We’ll have fellowship, meals, worship and prayer; asking God what’s next for us. 

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How to Pray for Nepal  Brian Heasley  27th Apr

On Saturday an earthquake with a magnitude-7.8 centred less than 50 miles from Kathmandu rocked Nepal with devastating force, toppling homes and buildings and leaving at least 3,200 people dead. Whole areas of the city have been reduced to rubble, people are now living outdoors and the nations communications and energy structures have taken a major hit. Deadly avalanches triggered throughout the region, affecting rural villages and tourists in some of the more popular climbing areas.

Given that the rescue effort is still in its early stages and that people in outlying areas may well have been affected, as well, it seems probable the number will rise.

An estimated 4.6 million people in the region were exposed to tremors from the Nepal earthquake. In Nepal, 30 out of 75 districts were affected by the quake. In neighbouring Tibet and India people also lost their lives.

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The Incredible True Story of Fernando: A Video Testimony  Nick Beasley  24th Apr

24-7 Prayer is a movement of storytellers.

Here's one of the most remarkable we've heard recently, from last year's conference in Madrid...


Want to get involved? Check out the page for this years Global Conference in Vienna, Austria

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#prayeralert: Car bomb explodes in Somalia — 10 dead, many wounded  Laura Gish  23rd Apr

On Tuesday, a car bomb exploded in Somalia’s capital city at a restaurant near the presidential palace, killing at least 10 people.  

A Somalia-based extremist group claimed responsibility for the attack targeting several Somali intelligence agents. Somali police gave reports that no government official was killed. Among the dead were a woman and a boy who worked shining shoes. 

Extremists have battled Somalia's government for years with the goal of gaining control. This restaurant is across the street from a hotel where militants killed at least 15 people in a bombing and gun attack in February.

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