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"If it's you who started this, you need to get out of Syria" - Read the final instalment of Mohammed's story  The Phantom Intercessor  30th Jan

Below is part 3 of Mohammed's story. You can check out part 1 here, and part 2 here

Despite the miraculous ways Christ was touching the lives of Syrians, Mohammed felt increasing stress as a result of the growth of his networks...

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#prayeralert: Militants in Nigeria  Laura Gish  29th Jan

A video released Wednesday January 21 by a Nigerian militant group boasted that they were responsible for mass killings in the city of Baga. They also threatened more attacks.

The militants managed to seize thousands of weapons from a Nigerian military base in Baga, then followed by burning thousands of homes, the rampage leaving more than 150 dead.  

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"He was a man carrying hope for his nation" - Part 2 of Mohammed's remarkable story  The Phantom Intercessor  29th Jan

Below is part 2 of Mohammed's story. You can check out part 1 here, with part 3 following later this week

In the summer that followed, Mohammed saw his greatest breakthrough...

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"Someday we're going to have to rebuild our country..." - Part 1 of the miraculous testimony of Mohammed in Beirut  The Phantom Intercessor  28th Jan

Below is the first part of a story sent by friends of 24-7 in the Middle East. Stay tuned this week for parts two and three

I met Mohammed at a church meeting in Beirut in the fall of 2012...

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24-7 Asia Gathering: February 2015  Rachel Wegner  22nd Jan

“The Bible is full of feasts and festivals where people traveled great distances, often at great expense, to be together and celebrate the story of God.” 
Pete Greig, co-founder of 24-7 Prayer

As 24-7 Prayer spreads throughout Asia, Wendy Andrews and her team are rallying people for a gathering in Hong Kong from February 12-14, 2015. This marks the first 24-7 Asia gathering in the history of the 24-7 Prayer movement. While their network is still young and relatively small, Wendy said that people will join them from as far and wide as India to Malaysia to Japan.

“We believe in the value of friendship and the encouragement that we can be as we worship God together and hear one another’s stories,” Wendy said.

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Je Suis Charlie: How do we pray?  Andy Freeman  19th Jan

It’s nearly two weeks since the awful events that took place in the centre of Paris began with the attack on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.  

Since then one of the largest security operations Europe has ever seen has taken place.  Armed soldiers patrol the centre of Paris.  Leaders of Governments have fought to understand and legislate for perceived new threats.  People have searched for answers and accusations have been made.

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