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Gang Wars and Prayer Rooms in Manenberg  Clare McVittie  21st Nov

I don’t quite have the words to express how I’m feeling right now. I don’t have the words to explain what I just witnessed, but I feel compelled to write, compelled to communicate what is happening so close to home, for many of us.

Everyone knows there’s gang fight in Manenberg, there always has been, it’s almost boring, right? At least that’s how it seems. But there is a war going on in Manenberg that is SO evil, SO unfair…so destructive to an entire community, and yet no one is taking any notice.

I’m calling the church to pray.

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Video: Join us in Vienna   Adam Heather  20th Nov

DATE: 22nd - 25th October 2015

Come and join us in Vienna for our International Gathering as we celebrate our 15th birthday and 15 years of unbroken day-and-night prayer that has spread around the world. 

Tickets are set to be released early in the new year, so keep checking back...

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#prayeralert: A Half Million Displaced Iraqis Flee Terror  Laura Gish  19th Nov

#prayeralert:  A Half Million Displaced Iraqis Flee Terror

Naziheen. An Arabic word describing people who have been displaced. More than 543,000 naziheen from Iraq have traveled hundreds of miles to flee from the hand of radical extremists — and they’ve flooded into neighbouring countries. 

Those who have managed to settle in a place like Dohuk, a northern Iraqi Kurdish city, are living under trees and bridges, sleeping in churchyards, unfinished buildings, parks, and schools. Nearly 20,000 families are occupying the city’s elementary schools, and another 50,000 children are living in classrooms. There is not enough food, blankets, toilets — not enough of anything — to accommodate the masses. The situation is critical and its effects far reaching. For instance, local Kurdish students haven’t even been able to begin their school semester. 

Motels and hotels are filling up, as well,” one hotel owner said. “The naziheen come with enough money for the first month’s rent; when they run out, they beg to stay.” 

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Free Phone Wallpaper for November  Nick Beasley  8th Nov

Pinch, punch, first of the month...

So all year we're celebrating 24-7 Prayer's 15th birthday and 15th year of non stop prayer. And we're 3 months in to our celebratory smartphone wallpaper give aways! Hurrah!

You can find September's and October's by following the links...

If you want to read more about our 15 years and all we've seen God do, you can check out the pretty impressive infographic we put together here.

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#prayeralert: Boko Haram Denies Agreement — Girls Not Released  Laura Gish  7th Nov

Cease-fire? It just didn’t happen.

When Nigerian officials announced that Boko Haram had agreed to a cease-fire and would release the 219 school girls who had been kidnapped in July, civilians were skeptical. They’d encountered this group before and were suspicious about these claims. 

Friday, their suspicions were validated. Boko Haram released a video denying any agreement to a cease-fire. They will not return the girls, they stated. The leader in the video claimed that the girls have been married off. A report by Human Rights Watch said Boko Haram is holding more than 500 women and young girls. The act of forced marriage is commonplace in Boko Haram’s camps. 

In the meantime, violence and more kidnappings have continued. A bomb exploded Friday night in Gombe, killing at least eight people. It’s clear the fears of civilians became a reality. There is no cease-fire. The girls will not be returned … not without an intervention by God. 

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Adoption Sunday   Jess Ford  28th Oct

Every day, 50 children enter the care system in the UK. As a result, 6,000 children are waiting to be adopted and 8,600 new foster families are urgently needed. We believe that the Church can make a difference – both in findings homes for these vulnerable children, and to provide a community of support to families that foster or adopt.

24-7 Prayer is delighted to stand with Home for Good and support Adoption Sunday on 2 November – which is the beginning of National Adoption Week in the UK and globally, is Orphan Sunday. It’s an opportunity for churches to celebrate our adoption into God’s family, raise awareness of the situation facing children in care and to stand with those in our congregations who foster and adopt.

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