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What is prayer?

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Mark's Gospel

Making Things New

Week: Mark's Gospel

  • P.R.A.Y
  • Pause
  • Rejoice
  • Reflect
  • Ask
  • Yes
Joy Max
With Joy and Max
Welcome to Lectio for Families. This week we are continuing to explore the life of Jesus as told in Mark’s Gospel.

Each day we will simply pray (P.R.A.Y.) together.
P: PAUSING to be still.
R: REJOICING with a Memory Verse and REFLECTING on some verses from the Bible.
A: ASKING God to help us and others.
Y: saying YES to God’s ways.


We start by pausing and taking a deep breath:

In and out.

In and out.

We remember that God is here, and so together we prepare ourselves to be with God.


Prayer of Welcome

Jesus, we hear Your invitation, and so we choose to follow You, with all our hearts, with all our minds, with all our souls and with all our strength.


Memory Verse

We REJOICE and celebrate God’s goodness with this week’s memory verse:

God, help us to remember Your Word.


Bible Reading

Today, we’re REFLECTING on a time when Jesus met a man who couldn’t hear or speak.

Read by Max
Mark 7:34-35
Jesus looked up to heaven and took a deep breath. He said to the man, ‘Ephphatha!’ (This means, ‘Be opened.) When Jesus did this, the man was able to hear. He was also able to use his tongue, and he spoke clearly.

Mark 7:34-35 (ICB)

Let’s each put a hand in front of our mouths and try to say ‘Ephphatha!’ – or ‘Be opened’ if that’s too tricky. Can we feel our breath as we say it?

In the Bible, the word breath is the same word as spirit. In today’s story, Jesus took a breath, He spoke a word and the man was healed. Throughout the Bible God’s breath – God’s Spirit – makes things new.

Let’s press pause and talk about today’s question, which is: What words do we know in another language?

  • PAUSE the audio player now


ASK Prayers

Let’s all take a few deep breaths. As we think about the air filling our lungs and giving us life, let’s also ASK God to fill us with His Holy Spirit.

  • OPTIONAL: PAUSE the audio player now and pray

What would our homes or local communities look like if God’s Spirit made everything new?

Creator God, we ASK You to come and breathe over our homes and our communities. Make things new. Help us to care for the world and work with You to make it beautiful.

  • OPTIONAL: PAUSE the audio player now and pray


Bible Reading

As we read the Bible again, let’s listen for a word or a phrase that the Holy Spirit might want to say to us from today’s verses.

Mark 7:34-35
Jesus looked up to heaven and took a deep breath. He said to the man, ‘Ephphatha!’ (This means, ‘Be opened.) When Jesus did this, the man was able to hear. He was also able to use his tongue, and he spoke clearly.

Mark 7:34-35 (ICB)

What word or phrase stood out from today’s Bible verses?

  • OPTIONAL: PAUSE the audio player now and tell each other

YES Prayer

And now, let’s say YES to God together.

Lord Jesus, Your breath brings new life. We open our eyes to see all the places that are already beautiful. YES God, this world is full of life!

Memory Verse

After enjoying this time with God and each other, let’s say our memory verse together:

Closing Prayer

Let’s put a hand on our heart.
Father God, fill us with Your love. Help us to love You, and everything that You’ve made.

Let’s point to our eyes.
Lord Jesus, help us to see You, and to see others the way that You see them too.

Let’s point to our ears.
Holy Spirit, help us to hear You, and give us courage to do what You say.


Your Memory Verse

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Joy lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and her dog. She works for Bridgetown Church where she leads kids as they grow, learn, and have lots of fun. Joy loves gardening, summer camp, eating ice cream, and reading her favourite books, The Chronicles of Narnia.



Max is 9 years old and lives in Melbourne, Australia with his older brother and mum and dad. He often rides his bike to school and enjoys being creative by drawing or building with Lego. Max is also learning how to play the electric guitar and loves turning it up loud!

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