Pray for others

Petitioning God for others

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There is power in praying for other people; but sometimes it feels tricky to know how to regularly communicate the needs of others to God. Try some of these simple ideas and practical tips in your prayer time…

A beginner’s guide to praying for other people

  1. Be confident: When we pray for others, we’re praying to a God who longs to hear and respond to our prayers, so we can begin praying with confidence that our prayers are important to God.
  2. Be specific: What is it that you want God to do in the situation, or for the person? The Lord’s prayer contains active and specific requests: “Give us… our daily bread” “Forgive us… our debts” “Lead us… not into temptation”
  3. Be expectant: The God who made and created us also made and created the people we are praying for. God loves our friends, family and community more than we do, so be expectant!
  4. Be persistent: Sometimes we need to ask and keep asking (Matt 7:7, especially when those that we know and love are going through something challenging or tough. Keep persevering in prayer for others.

How to keep praying for others…

Try a prayer list

A simple, practical way to pray for other people regularly is to start a prayer list that you use each day. Check out our free PDF on how to create a prayer list

Try the Inner Room app

Our free inner room app turns your phone into a prayer tool, and is designed to help you keep track of prayer requests, people you want to pray for and features a reminder function which can help you set aside time each day to pray.

Pray for the world

Check out our resources that can help you pray for the world, the news, and different global situations

Praying over someone else

Practical tips for praying for other people in virtual prayer meetings, small groups and in-person gatherings

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