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    A300 – The Adventure Continues

    3 Min Read

    7 March 2019

    Last year, a brand new training course began in Switzerland called the Adventure of the 300.

    It’s an opportunity to learn, grow and unpack what it looks like to live out monastic life and spirituality in a modern context.

    WHY 300?

    “The Lord said to Gideon, “With the three hundred men that lapped I will save you and give the Midianites into your hands. Let all the others go home.” – Judges 7:7

    In this well-known passage of scripture, Gideon’s army consisted of 300 men, ready to meet the enemy. The mission was simple and absolutely radical: go down into the valley, face the enemy and – on God’s command – make light and noise.

    These 300 men were convinced that God would give victory in such a way and free his people.

    We are looking for such people again. Women and men with an unshakable faith in God and the courage to live a radical life. Intrepid adventurers not afraid of making noise and getting exposed. Because we believe that Europe shall be saved.

    We are calling for prayer warriors and Kingdom families; willing to go to European suburbs and take their stand, praying 24-7-365; living a life of simplicity; establishing places of greater peace, healing and spiritual power in abandoned places.


    During 2 years (modular & part-time) participants of A300 will get trained, inspired and challenged in order to unlock the forgotten power of monastic life and spirituality.

    The aim is to encourage course participants to create fresh expressions of ancient monasteries in the context of the European 21st century: a combination of community, retreat, mission station, hospital, university and art centre.

    A source not only of spiritual energy, but also of hospitality, learning and cultural encounter.

    Participants will visit different communities across Europe as they learn: listen to their story, encounter their culture and taking the learnings and blessings from them.

    And the training staff come from all walks of life: start-up pioneers, pastors, managers, special forces, Catholic monks, musicians and many others. A fascinating company with a unique diversity.

    But the best comes last: following in the footsteps of the Celtic monks, participants spend three weeks of pilgrimage across Europe following Jesus to the hedges and fences – a life changing experience.


    The first cohort started summer 2018 in Switzerland, and have visited a 24-7 Prayer community in Germany, as well as receiving teaching from leaders across 24-7 Prayer globally.

    And excitingly, a new 24-7 community has already started on the eastern border of Switzerland!

    The next cohort, starting summer 2019, is open for applications. A300 is a learning journey, and an adventure open to everyone who is willing to take up the challenge.

    Join the adventure. Find out more at:

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