Meet 24-7 Ibiza’s new Vomit Van!

Jud Sweeney

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13 June 2019

Last summer in Ibiza, we helped almost 500 vulnerable people get to a safe place. And, in nearly half of these cases, we required the use of our work vehicle – aptly named: the vomit van.

The vomit van helps people get to their accommodation when it’s too far to walk or when taxis are reluctant to take someone who might to vomit in their car, which means that they’re unable to work for the rest of the night.

For over 10 years, 24-7 Ibiza’s vomit vans have made a difference and helped hundreds of vulnerable, drunk and drugged people back to their accommodation, medical centre or police station.

Last year saw the end of vomit van number three as it began to spend more time at the garage than on the road, requiring a lot of money to be maintained in a road-worthy status.

So, we began a fundraising appeal at the end of our 2018 summer season, where our target budget was smashed by an overwhelming response of generosity and kindness.

We were able to purchase a vehicle which was carefully selected not just to serve our night time ministry but also to transport our short term teams around the island.

At the start of June, our new vomit van made its maiden voyage (unfortunately without the christening of vomit). Thank you to all who helped us to meet our fundraising target – we look forward to using our new vomit van to love and serve the seasonal community of San Antonio Ibiza this summer, and many more to come.

Find out more about the incredible work of 24-7 Ibiza on their website.

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Jud Sweeney
Jud Sweeney

Jud is part of the 24-7 Ibiza community and leads on the street work in San Antonio, focusing on summer work and teams