Prayer at it’s simplest is a conversation between you and the God who created Solar Systems and Stem Cells. It’s a holy waste of time that helps us get to know who God is, what He’s like and express our thanks, hopes, hurts and needs.
So take a deep breath...try saying ‘hello’.
Try praying because the Lord is listening (1Pt 3:12). Pray with others because when two of us get together and make a prayer of it, our Father in heaven goes into action (Mt 18:19). Get His attention because whatever we could ask, think or imagine, God is able to do more (Eph 3:20).
Whether you consider yourself an expert or a novice, we’re here to help you have the most impacting conversation you’ll ever have. Alone, with others, at home, online, in a prayer room or on the streets of your city, we can help you find your voice, experience His presence, share it with others and pray for change.

"Pray in the Spirit, on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests."

Eph 6:18

In this section:

PRAYER ROOMS: A shot of adrenalin to the prayer life of your community. Find out how to pray night-and-day for a week or more with your friends, church, colleagues or campus.

HELP ME PRAY: Be inspired and experiment with different ways to weave time with Jesus into your daily life.

HELP MY CHURCH PRAY: Find advice on how to enliven the way your church prays together and tools to deepen your understanding and discipleship around prayer.

THE PRAYER COURSE: A free video and discussion-based course that helps small groups explore the importance of prayer and some of the common questions and difficulties people have.

YOUTH AND SCHOOLS: Find out how 24-7 Prayer can help disciple the youth in your church or youth group, and how you can support and engage your local schools by facilitating prayer spaces.

CAMPUSES: Ideas and resources to help you ignite mission-focussed prayer on your University or College campus.

PRISONS: A free resource for Prison Chaplains that helps them guide inmates through a course exploring prayer.