Origins: Youth Prayer Course

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In the gospel of Luke, one of Jesus’s disciples asks him to teach them something. The disciple asks,

“Lord, teach us to Pray...”

In a fun and laid back way, Origins will engage young people in the idea of prayer over 7 weeks, as well as giving practical suggestions to help them grow their prayer lives. 

Who is Origins for? 

Origins is a 7 week prayer resource for 11-18 year olds, that will teach young people to pray.

The course is designed for young people from all backgrounds. The desire is that anyone at any place with God can come along and build community whilst learning how to have a relationship with Jesus. 

How does it work? 

Each session is designed to fit into one and a half hours, but it can be changed to suit your group circumstances. The length of prayer times will increase over the seven weeks. 

This course is designed for youth groups of all sizes but we suggest splitting into smaller groups for discussions. 

How much is Origins, and where can I get it? 

It costs £5 to purchase our Leader's Manual, containing everything you need to run Origins. It's available on the 24-7 Prayer Shop

Get your copy of Origins

Already doing the course? Below is a list of resources that might help out


Session 1 - What is prayer? 

Recipe Sheet: Very Simple Margherita Pizza

Session 2 - Why do we pray? 

Recipe Sheet: Spaghetti Bolognese

The 3 Pictures: Arrow, Heart, Globe

Session 3 - Who do we pray to? 

Recipe Sheet: Mexican chilli con carne

The Cards: Prayer Cards

Session 4 - How do we talk to God? (Part 1)

Recipe Sheet: Gourmet Burger

Prayer Personality Quiz: The personality quiz

Session 5 - How do we talk to God (Part 2) 

Recipe Sheet: Simple Chicken Curry

Session 6 - How to listen to God

Everything you need should be in the book for this week!

Session 7 - Keep Growing

Recipe Sheet : Easy Hog Roast 

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