Pete Greig

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Pete Greig is an author, pastor and founding champion of 24-7 Prayer, an international, interdenominational movement of prayer, mission and justice. Pete also leads Emmaus Rd church and serves as Director of Prayer for HTB and Alpha International.

The 24-7 Prayer movement has reached more than half the nations on the earth and has been running non-stop, night-and-day since 1999. It has given rise to a family of Christian resources and ministries including an Academy, The Prayer Course24-7 Ibiza, Prayer Spaces in Schools and an international network of 'Boiler Room' communities. 24-7's innovative approach to spirituality and culture has attracted the attention of the media, from Rolling Stone, to Readers’ Digest and a specially commissioned TV documentary in the UK. Pete preaches and teaches all over the world, and has authored or co-authored several best-selling books, available in various languages:

Pete is married to Sammy and they live in Guildford, near London, with their two children and Noodle the Labradoodle. His interests include art, sailing, Portsmouth Football Club and a 1964 Morris Minor convertible known affectionately as 'Little Mo'. He tweets regularly @petegreig and blogs at

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