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¿Qué es la oración?

¿Qué es la oración?

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How to Pray

How to Pray is Prayer 101: a simple guide to help you pray with confidence and clarity

About the book

Written by Pete Greig, founder of 24-7 Prayer and pastor of Emmaus Road Church in Surrey, England, How to Pray will awaken a passion for prayer in all types of people, from the committed follower of Jesus to the skeptic. Accessibly and engagingly, Pete demystifies prayer, helping you see it as attainable and enjoyable, and ultimately life-giving and life-changing.

How to Pray really is a simple guide for normal people; for anyone who wants to learn more about prayer, for those just starting out, and this book is also the perfect companion for anyone doing The Prayer Course!

Read the full review written by Anna Evans

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