Youth and Schools

How can we disciple our young people in prayer and equip them to speak to God no matter where they are and what they’re doing? How could we engage with local schools and serve them by setting up creative prayer spaces for their students? Find our how to engage teenagers within and outside of our church community in prayer below. 

Origins – The Youth Prayer Course

Take your youth through this engaging and equipping course and help them understand more about prayer, and try praying together.

Out now. Buy your copy here, or find out more on our Origins webpage: 

Prayer Spaces In Schools

Schools in a growing number of nations are inviting churches to help facilitate prayer spaces that allow students and staff the chance to explore Christian prayer in a safe and creative way.  These interactive prayer spaces look a lot like 24-7 Prayer Rooms with prayer stations that engage the senses and inspire the heart and mind.  As this movement grows the feedback has been amazing…

“I was very sceptical about it all until I came here. What a wonderful way to let everyone express their feelings.” 


“It was really fun. It made me see God everywhere I look. God has spoken to me.” 


Education systems vary from nation to nation, but if you’re interested in exploring the idea of Prayer Spaces in Schools then check out the website. It’s packed with a range of resources that can be adapted to work with pupils aged 5 to 18.  Contact the 24-7 Prayer team to find out how it might work for you.

“I thought the Prayer Space was fantastic.  A way for pupils to write down their fears as well as hopes.  It gave me as a teacher a real insight into the thoughts of my pupils and what they are dealing with outside the classroom.  The comments I overheard from pupils of all years was extremely positive and some were very thought-provoking.  I personally hope that the room is here long-term!” 


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