Why "Boiler Room" Communities?

The first 24-7 prayer community was nicknamed 'The Boiler Room’ and the name stuck - so now it’s used to describe a global family of missional and monastic communities. 

The name turned out to be rather significant. 

Several weeks after the launch of the first 24-7 Boiler Room, we discovered C. H. Spurgeon, one of the greatest preachers of the late 19th century, attributed the fruitfulness of his entire ministry to what he, too, called his ‘Boiler Rooms’. 

Back in the age of steam, unglamorous boiler rooms powered everything, from vast machines in factories to household heating systems. Spurgeon, inspired by these, was referring to rooms, in the basement of the building, where up to hundreds of people wouldpray as he preached.

As we stoke the fires of intercession and mission in our modern-day boiler rooms, power is released through prayer to extend God's Kingdom.