24-7 Shorts

The 24-7 Shorts are a series of excellent films exploring different expressions of prayer.

Enough Food for Everyone

This generation, our generation, can end world hunger! "2,000,000 children die every year because they don't have enough to eat, yet there is enough food in this world to feed us all, with plenty left over." This year we have an opportunity to lobby leaders and begin to end world hunger, it really is possible to end world hunger in one generation. "Pray for the possible, and share what you have" This video was made for the IF campaign


24-7 Shorts: Prayer as Community

What happens when a communities rhythm of life is governed by Prayer? Watch this short film shot in Eastern Germany to find out.


24-7 Shorts: Prayer as a Movement

How did this wild explosion of prayer, mission and justice that started by accident spread into more than a third of the nations on earth? Watch the video and find out.


24-7 Shorts: Prayer as Creativity

When words are not enough. Prayer explodes in authentic creativity in this short video shot in Tulsa, USA.


24-7 Shorts: Prayer as Justice

This video captures 24-7's heart for Justice. A heart that's a gift from God and flows from the place of prayer.


24-7 Shorts: Prayer as Mission

Becoming the Prayer. Shot in Ibiza, Spain this vid shows what can happen when prayer spills out on to the streets and chooses to care for the world in which we walk.