Advent 2015: The Word


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"The Bible is the cradle wherein Christ is laid"

Martin Luther

Throughout Advent 2015 we’re focusing on the power and beauty of the Bible.

Over the course of this series, we’ll journey together to seek more of God’s presence through His Word, and encounter the beauty of Christ; the Word made flesh. 

As we prepare for Christmas; as we open The Word, our prayer is to seek more of Jesus and see His power and beauty, drenched in every line of this powerful book. 

Join us each weekday in Advent for a new episode as we delve into the Bible. And Go Deeper with our weekly study guides, as we think practically about how the Bible can be used daily to help us to encounter God. 

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Go Deeper Study guides:

Week 1  // week 1 (printing copy)

Week 2 // week 2 (printing copy)

Week 3 // week 3 (printing Copy)

Week 4 // Week 4 (Printing Copy) 

- Week one: Jesus and the word -

Download the Study guide: Week 1 // week 1 (printing copy)

episode 1: Armed with the word

Episode two: Purpose in the word

Episode three: The Word Overcomes Temptation

Episode Four: Reading the Word

- Week two: The Word with Us -

Download the Study guide: Week 2// week 2 (printing copy)

Episode Five: Meditate on the word day and night

Episode Six: Discipline of Reading the Word


EPISODE EIGHT: Remembering the word

Episode Nine: Conviction of the Word

- Week three: The power of the word -

Download the Study guide: Week 3// week 3 (printing Copy)

Episode Ten: Life without the word

Episode Eleven: The Word Sets Free

Episode Twelve: The Word Sustains

Episode Thirteen: The Word and Mission

Episode Fourteen: The Word Connects

- Week Four: The Word is God - 

Download the study guide: Week 4 // Week 4 (Printing Copy) 

Episode Fifteen: The Word Becomes Flesh

Episode Sixteen: The Word is Light

Episode Seventeen: The Word is a Gift

Episode Eighteen: The Word Goes On

Episode Nineteen: The Word is Here

Music by Peter Burton. Trailer music by Harry Parsons.
Additional footage kindly provided by and used with the permission of Seed Company