The Art of Examen

Welcome to The Art of Examen: a multi-platform teaching series 

Over the course of the series, a number of internationally recognised speakers, authors, church leaders and all round heroes and friends of 24-7 Prayer, will be teaching you a new form of prayer: Saint Ignatius's Examen

Each week a different host will focus on one of 24-7's core values: 

Prayer // Mission // Justice // Creativity // Learning // Hospitality

The episodes each come with a Go Deeper guide, offering the opportunity to explore the ideas the video has covered; with daily scriptures, further teaching, discussion points and challenges to transform the lessons learned into action. We’ve also designed a smart phone wallpaper, bespoke for each week, to help encourage, remind and direct you in your prayers following each episode

Each video can be found below or on our YouTube page (both in full HD), or alternatively can be found and shared on our Facebook page

Whether you’re working through it as a small group, a church, on your own or in any other setting, we hope the series will be a blessing to you...

Please note: Though the series was written to be used at any time of year, because it was originally released during the period of Lent in 2015, this will occasionally be referenced by the host



Episode Two: Prayer

Download the DEEPER GUIDE for Episode Two

Episode Three: Mission

Download the DEEPER GUIDE for Episode Three

Episode Four: Justice

Download the DEEPER GUIDE for Episode Four

Episode Five: Creativity

Download the DEEPER GUIDE for Episode Five

Episode Six: Learning

Download the DEEPER GUIDE for Episode Six

Episode Seven: Hospitality

Download the DEEPER GUIDE for Episode Seven



Click the images below to download the free phone wallpaper - with one bespoke design for each podcast episode, to inform and encourage you in your prayers



Following its original release, the series ended with three episodes for over the Easter Weekend, presented by
Pete Portal, Pete Greig and Hannah McVeigh. You can check them out below...

Episode Eight: Good Friday

Episode Nine: Holy Saturday

Episode Ten: Easter Sunday


A special thank you to Neil McVeigh for the kind use of his photography.