World Watch List Rank: 18

Leader: President Truong Tan Sang

Population: 94.4 million (8 million Christians) 

Main Religion: Buddhism

Government: Communist state 

Source of Persecution: Communist oppression


"Lord, we praise you for devoted Christians in Vietnam who are learning and growing thanks to the work of Open Doors. We pray for their protection and growth in their faith, and that many more Christians will receive Bibles in their language. "
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Vietnam is one of the few countries that still follow a Communist ideology. Christians are viewed as Western agents, and their activities are closely monitored by the government. 

In January 2013, Decree 92 came into place, meaning all religious groups In Vietnam must be registered and abide by strict rules. Several church buildings were confiscated or destroyed and Christians attacked during this period.

Now, many house churches are forced to meet in secret, and ethnic Christians in the central and northern parts of the country face heavy pressure from local and national authorities. Converts from Buddhist or tribal religions also face pressure from their families and communities to return to their traditional faiths.

Open Doors is strengthening Christians to be able to withstand persecution by providing biblical training for Church leaders and providing Bibles to help communities to understand God's word in their own language.

Over 21,000 Christians attended various training programmes in 2013, and despite persecution, Christians in Vietnam are still hopeful. Huu and his wife Nyuget are pastors and Bible-teachers and even though they have been badly treated, they remain resolute: 

 "It is through persecution that we grow, It is a blessing to be part of Christ's suffering."



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