World Watch List Rank: 27

Leader: Emir Sheikh Tamim

Population: 2.3 million (210,000 Christians)

Main Religion: Islam

Government: Republic

Source of Persecution: Islamic extremism


"Please pray for protection and spiritual growth for believers, particularly Muslim-background believers who must keep their faith secret. Pray that they will know who to trust and be able to find fellowship with others. Praise God for the few Christian complexes where migrant Christians are allowed to gather and worship. We ask that this church would continue to grow."
Amen 386 Amens

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The state religion of Qatar is the strict Wahhabi version of Islam. Only Muslims are allowed to worship in public. Converting from Islam is considered apostasy and is technically a capital offence. Only 10 per cent of the population is Qatari, the rest are expatriates and migrant workers. Migrant workers often live and work in terrible conditions, and being a Christian can add to their vulnerability. Muslims who choose to become Christians risk ostracism from their communities, violence or even honour killing if their faith is discovered.

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