World Watch List rank: 9

Leader: President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi

Population: 28.1 million (A few thousand Christians)

Main Religion: Islam

Government: Islamic republic

Source of Persecution: Islamic extremism/ Ethnic antagonism



"As violence and disease wrought by civil war continue to devastate the lives of Yemeni Christians and Muslims alike, we pray that You would bring peace and aid to this country. We praise You for the many stories of Muslims coming to Christ, and ask that more and more would come to know You in these difficult days. "
Amen 237 Amens

Make some noise

Yemeni Christian, Jaden,* serves God in Yemen despite persecution and war. Share his prayer with your church or on social media:

Dear Lord,

We pray for the Holy Spirit – Christ in us – to send a spirit of forgiveness to Yemen. We invite You to make us act like true sons of God.

We pray for the bombing and the violence to stop; for the gunfire to stop; for the deaths to stop; for intolerance, hunger and fear to stop.

We – God’s children in this country – ask You Lord to engage believers from all over the world to pray spiritual and strong prayers on our behalf.

We – Your children in Yemen and Your children from all over the world – pray and lift our hands towards the heavens and call upon Your Name to make Christ known to many in our nations; for Him to bring hope and peace and love.



*name changed for security reasons 

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The power vacuum created by Yemen’s civil war has allowed radical Islamist groups such as Islamic State (IS) and al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) to gain significant influence.

Christians have been killed and abducted by Islamic radicals, including 16 people killed in an attack on a Christian care home for the elderly. Yemen is a tribal society and leaving Islam is seen as a betrayal of the tribe – leaving Islam is punishable by death. However, it is reported that many Muslims are turning to Christ.

Open Doors supports the church in Yemen by raising prayer and awareness.

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