North Korea

World Watch rank: 1

Leader: Kim Jong-Un

Population: 25.3 million (300,000 Christians)

Main religion: Atheist/traditional beliefs

Government: Communist dictatorship

Source of persecution: Dictatorial paranoia


"Lord we pray for comfort and strength for the thousands of Christians imprisoned in labour camps, and the isolated believers who worship in secret."
Amen 515 Amens

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North Korea is the most dangerous place in the world to be a Christian.

Thousands of Christians are incarcerated in prison camps, and while there are many secret believers, they face arrest, disappearance, torture or public execution if discovered. The state has an iron grip on its citizens; any who deviate from the two ideologies of ‘Juche’, which points to man’s self-sufficiency, and ‘Kimilsungism’, the god-like worship of the nation’s leading dynasty, are considered enemies of the state.

Yet, despite such hostility, the church there is not only surviving, but growing.

Open Doors helps North Korean Christians survive by distributing food, medicines, clothes and other aid goods through workers like Sun-Hi.

When North Korean refugees escape to China, they are looking for money and essential supplies for their families, but she also shares with them the love of God. Before they make the risky journey back into North Korea, she gives each person an intensive introduction to the Bible.

“It’s exhausting. I hardly sleep, we hardly eat. My tongue and lips are cracked from all the talking. I ask a lot of questions. I really want to get to know the person and teach them the way of God. And after 48 hours I need to go on to the next one.”

For more information, please visit Open Doors' North Korea page

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