World Watch List Rank:39

Leader: President Pena Nieto

Population: 130.2 million (124.9 million Christians)

Main Religion: Christianity (mainly Roman Catholic)

Government: Federal republic

Source of Persecution: Organised corruption


"Lord, we pray for believers in Mexico who are targeted by criminal gangs because of their faith. Please cover them with your protecting love and grace. We also lift up Christians from indigenous communities who are denied access to basic social services and resources – provide for them, we pray. "
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Mexico is one of the most violent countries in the world, as a result of the presence of organised crime.

The culture of violence affects all Mexicans, but especially its most vulnerable groups in rural areas, including minority Christian denominations such as Protestants.

Believers who actively engage in transforming society constitute a threat to drug cartels and other criminal groups.

Those who convert from indigenous traditional beliefs to non-traditional Protestant denominations face persecution. Members of the Catholic Renewal Movement have also been targeted.

Open Doors works to strengthen the persecuted church in Mexico through:

  • Quality research and communication that raises awareness about the persecuted church
  • Effective advocacy to address the root causes of persecution at the local, federal and regional levels
  • Projects that increase the resilience of the church to cope with persecution
  • Engaging and equipping the Mexican church to reach out to persecuted Christians in Mexico.
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