World Watch List Rank: 24

Leader: President Htin Kyaw

Population: 54.8 million (4.4 million Christians)

Main Religion: Buddhism

Government: Unitary constitutional republic 

Source of Persecution: Religious nationalism


"Lord, strengthen your people in Myanmar, particularly Buddhist and Muslim converts to Christianity – enable them to remain faithful when they face pressure to reconvert. And we lift up the government and Burmese army, may they know Your power, truth and grace."
Amen 279 Amens

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Despite hopes that Myanmar's new government would bring increased religious freedoms, attempts to build trust between the Burmese army, insurgents and minority groups, including Christians, have so far met with little success.

Buddhism is weaved into Myanmar's culture, and conversion to Christianity is seen as a betrayal of the family, community – even the country. Churches are monitored and church leaders targeted by radical Buddhists in order to paralyse the church. Local communities put extreme pressure on believers from Buddhist and Muslim backgrounds to reconvert.

Through local partners and churches, Open Doors strengthens persecuted believers in Myanmar through:

Literature distribution

Discipleship programmes

Pastoral and leadership training

Livelihood support.

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