World Watch List Rank: 2

Leader: President Ashraf Ghani

Population: 34.2 million (thousands of Christians)

Main Religion: Islam

Government: Islamic Republic

Source of Persecution: Islamic extremism/Ethnic antagonism


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"We pray for courage and protection for secret Christians living in Afghanistan- help them in the challenges they face. Lord, we also pray that Afghanistan will have peace and stability - bring about change and transformation in this nation. "
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It is illegal for an Afghan person to be anything other than a Muslim.

Afghanistan is a tribal society, and leaving Islam is seen as a betrayal of the tribe. Discovered believers will sometimes be sent to a mental hospital, as families believe no sane person would leave Islam.

Baptism is a crime punishable by death; several believers were killed in 2016 when their faith was discovered. The Taliban, a radical Islamist group, remains active in Afghanistan and targets those who leave Islam.

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