World Watch List Rank: 49

Leader: President Juan Manuel Santos

Population: 48.7 million (46 million Christians)

Main Religion: Christianity (Roman Catholicism)

Government: Republic

Source of Persecution: Organised corruption/ Tribal antagonism/ Secular intolerance


"We pray for protection and safety for Christians living in Colombia. Give them courage to stand up for their faith, and perseverance to keep going even when things are tough. Help pastors of Churches to remain strong in faith, and help them in the midst of difficulties. "
Amen 281 Amens

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Despite the peace talks between government and left-wing guerrillas, violence continues against Christians and others.

Criminal gangs persist in targeting Christians, instilling a culture of fear. Persecution mostly affects outspoken believers who play prominent roles in social or public life. Tribal antagonism expresses itself in indigenous communities, with families and communities persecuting believers. However, sometimes guerrillas conspire with indigenous tribal leaders against Christians.

Open Doors strengthens the persecuted church in Colombia through:

  • Developing biblical materials
  • Distributing training materials
  • Constructing Christian schools and providing education programmes for indigenous children
  • The Open Doors Children's Center, which provides a place of protection for children whose families have been threatened or displaced by guerrillas, as well as those who are at risk of being recruited
  • Emergency persecution relief aid.
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