World Watch List rank - 7

Leader: Disputed

Population: 6.3 million (20,000 Christians)

Main Religion: Islam

Government: Provisional government

Source of Persecution: Islamic extremism


"Lord, we pray for protection for Christians in Libya. Give them miraculous opportunities to meet together and strengthen their faith. We pray that Libya will be able to form a stable government - Lord, let your peace reign. "
Amen 297 Amens

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Libya has descended into lawlessness since the fall of Gaddafi in 2011. This means that groups like the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) have free rein to attack Christians.

Libya is a deeply Islamic culture, so Libyan Christians must keep their faith completely secret; churches for Libyans and Christian literature in Arabic are forbidden.

While migrant Christians are allowed to practise their faith in Libya, many have paid the ultimate price; dozens of Christians from Eritrea, Ethiopia and Egypt were kidnapped or killed by extremists in Libya last year.

In cooperation with local partners and churches, Open Doors is supporting the church in Libya through training, literature distribution, socio-economic development projects and advocacy work. 

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