World Watch List Rank: 23

Leader: Prime Minister Najib Razak

Population: 30.8 million (3 million Christians)

Main Religion: Islam

Government: Constitutional monarchy 

Source of Persecution: Islamic extremism/ Organised corruption


"Lord, we pray for Christians from Muslim-background communities to be strengthened and encouraged through the challenges they face in Malaysia. Help them to remain faithful and find strength in you. "
Amen 328 Amens

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Malaysia is facing increasing religious, political and social instability, and its image as an Islamic country of tolerance is fading.

An attempt in the state of Kelantan to introduce Sharia (Islamic law) in 2015 - which is still pending - shows that Islamic conservatism is increasing. Additionally, increasing intolerance towards Chinese, Indian and indigenous tribespeople is affecting Christians, as most believers belong to these minority groups.

Christians are discriminated against in both their private and business lives, and conversion to Christianity is against the law in all states, bar Sarawak.

Open Doors is working to support persecuted believers in South East Asia through:

  • Prayer support
  • Advocacy and awareness.

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