World Watch List: 4

Leader: President Omar al-Bashir

Population: 41.2 million (2 million Christians)

Main Religion: Islam

Government: Republic

Source of Persecution: Islamic extremism/Dictatorial paranoia


"Lord, we pray for your power and presence to be among Sudanese Christians. Help them to speak out for what they believe in, even when under intense pressure. Create opportunities for them to meet together safely, and encourage them to remain faithful to you. "
Amen 384 Amens

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Islamic law is the foundation of Sudan's legal system, and leaving Islam is punishable by death.

This means that Muslim-background believers must keep their faith completely secret. Those from Christian backgrounds can be more open about their faith but face increasing pressure.

Two pastors in Sudan were recently arrested and charged with various crimes including conspiracy and espionage, although they were released after pressure from the international community. Twelve Christian girls were arrested by the Morality Police for not abiding by Sharia dress codes, and two churches were demolished by the government.



Open Doors is working in Sudan to strengthen believers and encourage them different aspects of ministry. 

They support community development, and provide practical assistance to persecuted Christians. 

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