World Watch List Rank: 20

Leader: President Choummaly Sayasone

Population: 6.9 million (202,000 Christians) 

Main Religion: Buddhism

Government: Communist state 

Source of Persecution: Communist oppression/ Religious nationalism


"Lord, we pray for Christians in Laos to be able to meet together freely; for access to your Word; for strength and courage as they live out their faith in a country that persecutes them. Help them to maintain trust in you, Lord God. "
Amen 422 Amens

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Since 1975 Laos has been ruled by the Communist Lao People's Revolutionary Party. Freedom of opinion is non-existent.

Religious conversion, sharing the gospel,  and conducting church activities all require government permission. Any deviation from Buddhism is seen as a dangerous threat to Laos' culture. Christians are under pressure from society to join in religious-centred community activities. Converts to Christianity are pressured to renounce their faith.

In 2015, persecution against Christians became more violent - on 8 September 2015 a pastor was stabbed to death in Luaung Prabang province.

Open Doors is working in Laos to strengthen persecuted believers, providing Christian materials, Leadership training and Discipleship programmes.

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