World Watch List Rank: 11

Leader: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Population: 1.3 billion (63 million Christians)

Main Religion: Hinduism

Government: Federal republic

Source of Persecution: Religious nationalism


"Lord, we pray for communities in India who are living in fear. We pray for confidence and faith in you; for protection and for resources to be available so that they can grow and encourage one another in faith. "
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India's new government is radicalising society as the influence of fundamentalist Hindus increases. Spies in churches monitor Christian activity and a number of states use anti-conversion laws to inhibit their movement. Violence against Christians in India is rampant with Incidents occurring almost daily. Church buildings and believers' homes are destroyed, pastors and church members are beaten up and sometimes even killed. Converts from a Hindu background and non-traditional Protestant groups suffer the most. 

Despite many difficulties across India, Christians are being supported by Open Doors in a number of ways: 

Distribution: Bibles are being provided to ensure that persecuted Christians are able to read God's word in their communities. Additionally, training materials and Sunday school materials are being provided to Churches.

Training: Church workers, women, youth, children and family groups are receiving training entitled "Standing Strong through the Storm" to encourage in their faith. 

Social and Economic Development: Education and literacy programmes are being provided, as well as urgent aid and relief for persecuted Christians. 


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