Mahmoud Fawaz

24-7 Prayer Lebanon

Mahmoud co-leads the 24-7 Prayer team in Lebanon, along with his teammate Christelle. He also serves as the Middle-East coordinator of 24-7 Prayer.

It all started when Mahmoud was 19-years-old. He helped organize the first prayer room in Beirut,Lebanon. This paved the way for Lebanese people to encounter God in ways they had never imagined before.

Mahmoud holds a degree in Agriculture engineering, and he is also a teacher who finds purpose in inspiring, motivating and encouraging students to reach their full potential.Mahmoud loves people and takes pleasure in serving them. He enjoys forming connections, and his favourite thing to do is to spend quality time with the people he loves. He’s always up for an adventure. To him, being generous and going out of his way for others is the richest and most meaningful way to live!