It all started by accident
We launched the first prayer room in a warehouse on the south coast of England way back in 1999. Why? Well... 1. Prayer's pretty much the heart of everything else in the Christian life 2. We were really, really bad at it…
And then it grew
Surprisingly, young people flocked to that first prayer room, even at night. They prayed with words, graffiti and weird music. And God seemed to like it a lot in there. Even atheists said they could feel His presence. And then one day, the whole thing went viral…
The Vision…
A poem scribbled on the prayer room wall suddenly took on a life of its own. Within weeks The Vision had reached 100,000 underground churches in China, 400,000 young people in Washington DC, and it had been choreographed in Spain and remixed by DJs from Sweden to NYC.
The growth
The last time we counted, that first prayer room had touched more than two million people in more than 10,000 prayer rooms in most denominations and more than half the nations on earth. Today we’re still praying non-stop, night-and-day, from the slums of Delhi to a brewery in Missouri to a punk festival in Germany. Oh, and in churches and cathedrals too.
Rock n’ Roll baby!
Along the way this accidental movement of prayer, mission and justice has attracted media attention from Rolling Stone to Reader's Digest. And it's started new initiatives and prayer tools like Prayer Spaces in Schools, Order of the Mustard Seed, 24-7 Ibiza, The Prayer Course, Lectio 365 and 24-7 Communities; a growing global network committed to spiritual formation and social transformation.
Join in!
You can read more about our story in Red Moon Rising and Dirty Glory, by 24-7 founder Pete Greig. Try running your very own 24-7 Prayer Room, running the Prayer Course, or downloading our Lectio 365 app. We'd love you to be part of the movement!
Catching the Vision
We’ve been helping people pray by creating hundreds of online resources, with our website receiving visits from nearly every country on Earth. As well as our award-winning podcasts and videos, in 2016 we turned The Vision Poem into a film which has been watched on phones, in churches and on festival screens all over the world.
Learning to Pray Together
We’ve helped thousands of communities pray with our group resources, from our Prayer Course Video series and our Origins Youth prayer course, to our Student Flatpack getting prayer rooms on campuses and our Encounter Prayer guide serving prisoners and prison chaplains worldwide…
A Chain of Unbroken Prayer
And of course, 24-7 Prayer rooms are still being created in all sorts of places and spaces. Last time we counted, there’d been over 15,000 prayer rooms in over half the nations on earth: an unbroken chain of 24-7 Prayer for every minute this century…
Making a Better World
We’ve found that prayer leads to action, so that’s why we run mission teams every summer, and partner with incredible international charities who are tackling injustice in the most challenging places on our globe.
Help the Movement Move...
Our reach is expanding and we’re excited to see where God takes us next. Be part of the next steps: try praying 24-7 with your community, come to one of our events, or become a 24-7 Prayer Catalyst and give regularly to help us revive the church and rewire the culture all over the world.
From Humble Beginnings...
For over 18 years we’ve been inspiring, equipping and pioneering prayer in nations all over the world, somehow growing from one tiny prayer room to an international movement. Here’s what has happened along the way:
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