24-7 Prayer Room Sign-Up: A Guide

All you need to know about using our online prayer room sign up tool.

Getting the word out

Once you've chosen to use our free, online Sign-Up tool for your 24-7 Prayer Room, you'll want to let people know how to access it. The web address (URL) you've been given is unique to your prayer room, so pass it on to everyone who might want to book a slot!
Use social networks such as Facebook or Twitter to let people know about it. You may want to create a more memorable or shorter URL to help people access it (Free online tools like tinyurl can be useful for this)

Adapting Sign-Up to your needs

Your Sign-Up page has a number of settings which you can adjust to suit the needs of your prayer room. To change these settings, you must be logged in with the 24-7 Prayer account which you used to register the prayer room — you'll then see a 'Settings' button in the Sign-Up pages Navigation area.
From the settings dialog which will appear, you can make adjustments which take affect for all users of your Sign-Up page and over the entire duration of your prayer room. These include:
  • Displaying times using a 24-hour or 12-hour clock
  • Allowing time slots to be booked for exclusive use, i.e. just one person praying at a time
  • Adjusting the length of time slots, i.e. the standard unit(s) of time which users can book to pray for
  • Specifying different 'Themes', which can be applied to time slots to indicate special prayer room activities, uses or types of prayer that may occur at certain times

Settings for specific time slots

In addition to the overall settings for the Sign-Up page — when logged in with the account you used to register the prayer room — you can also access an additional type of settings which affect specific time slots. We call these 'slot settings'. When a time slot is clicked on, the pop-up that opens will have an additional 'Settings' link, which normal users don't see.
By clicking on these 'slot settings' links, you'll arrive at a form which allows you to apply settings to that slot. These settings include:
  • Marking the prayer room as unavailable — also prevents users from booking during this time slot
  • Allowing the prayer room to be booked for exclusive use during this time slot
  • Applying one of your themes (as defined in the overall settings) to this time slot
These slot settings can then be applied across a period of up to 24 hours.

Providing feedback

After your group or community has made use of our Sign-Up page, we'd appreciate it if you could take a minute or two to give us some feedback by emailing our team about any features you think would help us improve this tool in future.