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The God Story - Video Version

Discover your place in God's Story

This present telling of the God Story borrows from the classical music form called sonata and brings forth the central theme of the Father's eternal purpose accomplished in Christ and kingdom family.

The God Story, as told by Adam Cox of the KC Boiler Room, is divided into five parts and totals 9 hours and 20 minutes of video content. 

The introduction (God the Eternal Family) and exposition (Creation and the Garden of Eden) set the origin and home key of the story. Then the development (the Patriarchs and Israel) is where the plot moves further and further away from the home key, creating tension. The recapitulation (Jesus Christ) is an altered repeat of the exposition, bringing the whole story to fulfillment in a short summary "Word.” Lastly, the coda (the Church) draws in themes from the whole piece and concludes with a perfect cadence in the original home key, bringing the entire Story to resolution.


PLEASE NOTE: This purchase comes as a 2.8GB zip file, so please be patient as it will take some time to download.