Punk Monk

Punk Monk balances the early story of 24-7 Prayer Boiler Rooms with a discussion on the roots, ethos and values of monasticism, and how it can be applied today.

About this book

In reaction to a Christianity they scarcely recognized, 4th century Church fathers fled to the Egyptian desert to model a different, radical style of discipleship, filled with sacrifice and continual prayer. Who are the new monks, the new punks, the new revolutionaries? The answer lies in an upsurge of 24-7 monastic communities around the world. Drawing influences from the Franciscans, the Celts and the Moravians, Pete Greig and Andy Freeman explore the counter-cultural and revolutionary force of monasticism and its relevance today.

*Punk Monk is currently out of print, but we’re having conversations about changing that. Watch this space! In the meantime, you might be able to find it from your favourite second-hand bookshop or website.


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