Red Moon Rising

"A red moon rises over every generation… God has more in store for your life than anything you’ve so far experienced"

Pete Greig, Red Moon Rising
15th Anniversary Edition

Red Moon Rising is the bestselling story of how a single prayer meeting self-seeded into the lives of more than two million people in more than 12,000 locations, and more than half the nations on earth.

From prisons to palaces, it’s a powerful account of pain and perseverance, fighting injustice and experiencing miraculous answers to prayer.

It is the story of 24-7 Prayer.

First published a decade ago, and recently re-released in a brand new, fully revised version, Pete Greig's book chronicles the beginning of the 24-7 Prayer movement as a testament to the incredible power of prayer.

Confessing in the book's introduction that he "was pretty sure that no one except my mum would ever read it…” the book became the catalyst for prayer rooms and prayer movements all over the world. 

Inspired by a God who can, in Pete’s words, “use someone as ordinary and as boring as me”,  people began to realise that He could use them too, so they began to pray.

And as people began to pray, God began to move...


"Red Moon Rising is not just a book; it's an invitation. I have accepted the invitation. I think you will too"

Floyd McClung, author of The Father Heart Of God

"Red Moon Rising presents the raw power of a loving God
...You will be 
blessed and challenged"

Bill and Beni Johnson, Bethel Church, California

"I am more and more convinced of the centrality of 24-7 Prayer to God’s work. It
chimes with the spirit of the age"

 Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

"Provocative, prophetic and powerful—proof, if you need it, that God is on the move"

Mike Bickle, IHOP, Kansas City

"24-7 Prayer has fuelled my heart for a deeper encounter with God"

Tim Hughes, Worship Central