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Praying is Easy: The Outdoors

Rich Dawson

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22 August 2018

I have inherited a mix of millennial FOMO and the “everything’s possible if you work hard” mentality. As a result, I find it difficult to slow down.

There’s always something I have in the back of my mind; a new project I want to start; a new place I want to explore; social plans I don’t want to cancel. And this non-stop busy attitude is applauded in our culture too.

But God’s view is radically different.

He says to our 7-day-working-schedule: “Sabbath”, and to our hamster-wheel-minds: “Selah”.

So I’m trying to quiet myself more these days. To be still before the Creator rather than accelerating through life as fast as I can. Taking time to be intentional about listening to God and surrendering to his plans, not just making my own.

Making space and time for God is different for everyone, but I’ve found that following Jesus’ model of retreating to a solitary place is a practical action that works for me.

I grew up in a town nestled between two mountains and two oceans, so my idea of solitude is the great outdoors. Leaving everyday surroundings, closing the door on our deadiine-orientated world and bringing myself before God.

When I’m walking and talking with God outside, my pace slows down. My anxieties loosen their grip on my chest. I breathe in a deep: “Abba,” and sigh out: “I belong to You”.

This is where I hear the still small voice of God; where I sacrifice my idols of productivity; It’s where I take Yahweh up on His command to “Be still, and know that I am God.”

A while ago, I met with a monk from the north of Spain. He said that prayer for him was about being still and present in the moment and welcoming God into that moment. Turning down the white-noise in our minds, letting our hearts rest a few beats, and waiting for God in the stillness.

I think there’s something about being in God’s creation that enables us to see him clearer – as we wander in the shade beneath the trees in a park; beside the raging ocean on the shoreline; along the hills of the countryside.

Wherever your outdoors is, allow God to speak to you – take yourself away from the busyness of your every day to embrace His power in the stillness.

It’s that easy.

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Rich Dawson
Rich Dawson

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