Ideas for Mission

Jesus invites us to shape the world we live in, and the lives of those around us, through prayer:

“This then is how you should pray: Our father in heaven, hallowed be your name.

Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

Matthew 6:9-10

Prayer can be a chance to share Jesus; to demonstrate His presence and power in the world. Prayer can be mission.

Dare to take prayer outside of your meetings and gatherings. Take it to the streets; to your workplace; to your neighbourhoods. Encourage those around you to experience Jesus.

Prayer-fuelled mission ideas


Plan a 24-7 Prayer room alongside a mission or social action initiative. Make the mission the focus of your prayer room and encourage constant prayer alongside your activities.


24-7 Prayer doesn’t have to happen in a building. Take your prayer room into your community. We’ve heard of 24-7 Prayer happening in local workplaces, schools, tents and even disused shop fronts! Get creative and invite those who don’t know Jesus yet to come and try prayer.

Be inspired - check out this blog from the Netherlands, and this blog from Canada about mobile prayer rooms.


Praying for others in your community is a great way to step up and show Jesus to the world. Often it can feel like a big step to offer prayer in a public place. Try:

Outdoor prayer wall: Set up a portable whiteboard or chalkboard in a public space (make sure you have permission to do so!). Ask people walking past to write any prayer requests they might have onto the board.

Prayer walking: Walk around your local area and pray for the people and places you see. If you feel it’s appropriate, you could offer to pray for the people you see ( see more tips on this, below).

Find out more about prayer walking


Gather with your community or friends, and take some time to listen to God, and ask for clues – words of knowledge, a picture or a name- that might lead you to a person that God wants you to speak to.

When you feel like God has spoken, take time to walk around your community or local area, and find the clues that you have been given from God. Be courageous and step out to reach members of your community.  


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