Ideas for Small Groups

Praying together in small groups is great way to draw closer to God, both individually and as a community.

Whether you’re gathering with friends, a prayer triplet, a house group, students or co-workers, check out these ideas to help you pray together:

PRAYING FOR ONE ANOTHER: Put a chair in the middle of the group, and take it in turns to sit in it. The rest of the group then pray a prayer of blessing or encouragement over each person. You can dedicate a period of time to pray for everyone in the group, or you can pray this way for one person each time you meet.

USE THE LORD'S PRAYER: Divide the Lord’s Prayer into sections, and give each to a different person. Take it in turns to go around the group, with each person expanding the meaning of the line or lines they were given, making it relevant to the group.

KEEP A JOURNAL, TOGETHER: Record the prayer requests that you pray during your times together, and write down how God responds. This is a simple, yet powerful way to remember the way God works.

PRAY CREATIVELY: Start by using your senses to vary the way that you pray – you could mix it up between silence, speaking and singing. Try eating something, holding something or even write, draw or paint the thing you’re praying for. Check out our Creative Prayer page for more ideas.

LISTEN TO GOD, TOGETHER: Practise listening to God for one another and asking what He wants to share. Check out our Listening page for more ideas.

PRAYER WALK, TOGETHER: Pick a Place and walk around it, with the intention of asking God how you can pray and how to bless it. See our Prayer Walking page for more ideas.

PRAY FOR YOUR AREA: Grab a copy of your local newspaper, or find a news site online that’s reporting on your local area. Use this as a way to identify prayer points for your area, and spend time praying together.

STUDY PRAYER:  Go deeper together by reading a book on prayer, learning what the Bible teaches about prayer, or try going through our Prayer Course.


Be encouraged and inspired to draw closer to God together with the Help My Church Pray section of our site.